Baby Punished For Being “Dumb” And Too Terrified To Turn Around, Feels The Ground Moves

Newborn puppies can’t fend for themselves as they are too tiny, so, they need their mothers to feed them and protect them. Unfortunately, that was not the case for this tiny puppy who was ripped from his mama by a savage person who also beat her. Unfortunately, the pup was then left all alone to fend for herself with no one to help her.

She had open wounds, that attracted thousands of maggots, that had also been eating away at her flesh. Thankfully, the little puppy was seen by a Good Samaritan who directly took her to the veterinarian. The dog, who was named Lora, needed urgent care. So, the veterinarians started treating her wounded area but first they shaved it to clean it probably.

Fortunately, Lora would need physical therapy for her hind legs as Xrays revealed that they were not broken. Lora should be monitored by the staff of the vet clinic as an infection could still happen despite being in antibiotics. The clinic then decided that going to a foster home would be the best option for Lora to be fully recovered, so, they contacted a local woman who happily agreed to take Lora in.

She would sleep there and return to the vet when it was needed. Sadly, after checking her many times, Lora was diagnosed with some liver issues, and she is completely deaf and blind. However, no one gave up on her.

She has always been very brave and her medicated process is now taking place with the help of her foster mama. We hope that she will be completely healthy soon. Watch the video below.

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