Abandoned Pittie Puppy With Bunny Ears Finds Her Forever Home

On a fateful day, a small and fragile Pit Bull puppy was discovered on the side of the road, in Durham, NC, her broken jaw leaving her in critical condition. The sight was gut-wrenching as her injury revealed the depths of her suffering.

It quickly became evident that she was either deaf or had a severe hearing impairment.

Despite her challenging circumstances, there was something about her that touched the heart of a compassionate paw lover, Veronica, who made the decision to take her in.


Overcoming Challenges, One Step At A Time

cute dog with bunny ears
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After undergoing a life-saving surgery, the dog embarked on her road to recovery, finding herself in the comforting embrace of Veronica’s home.

Those initial days were filled with cautious vigilance as the delicate pup was syringe-fed through a feeding tube inserted in her neck. It was a time when her survival and well-being hung in the balance. But as the days passed, hope grew stronger.

The family decided to name her Booey, which later affectionately turned into “Boo”!

Making Friends And Sharing Snuggles

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One particular trait of the dog captured everyone’s attention — her unwavering determination. Despite her physical limitations, she would scoot over to her caretakers, waiting patiently for their touch and their love.

The resident dogs, Ri and Roscoe, watched over her, providing silent support during her healing process, even though they couldn’t engage in playful interactions for an extended period.

Gradually, she started displaying her resilient spirit, seeking affection, and forming bonds with the resident dogs!

A Totally Different Dog

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As Boo’s health improved, her energy and playfulness returned. She broke free from the confines of her recovery space, wagging her tail and even running with her Elizabethan collar on.

The removal of her cone and feeding tube marked a significant turning point, transforming her appearance and revealing a completely different dog!

Boo surprised everyone by engaging in activities once thought impossible, such as chewing on hard bones and enjoying outdoor playtime!

A Pittie With Bunny Ears

cute dog with bunny ears on the meadow
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Boo’s ears, standing tall and proud, had a mind of their own, an amusing contradiction considering her inability to hear.

Veronica recounts with a smile that Boo’s ears resembled permanent bunny ears — a fitting symbol of her resilient spirit.

In fact, many people who saw her couldn’t resist asking Veronica if she could somehow make her little ears “put down,” not realizing it was just Booey’s charming and permanent trademark!

Unleashing Mischief And Unexpected Adventures

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As Boo’s health improved, she started to exhibit signs of a zestful and mischievous personality. 

No longer confined to an X-pen, she wagged her tail, displaying her happiness and hyper nature!

With her newfound freedom, Boo’s mischievous side emerged. Jumping on top of her crate to retrieve toys, dragging her feeding bowl everywhere, and even venturing through the dishwasher, Boo’s antics brought laughter and joy to her household.

Veronica was happy to see her Pittie act this way as it meant that the pup is feeling better and happier!

Finding The Perfect Match

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Yet, as much as Veronica adored Boo, she knew that keeping her might prevent her from helping other dogs in the future.

It was during a visit from Melissa, a close friend who had recently lost her own beloved dog, that fate intervened.

Recognizing that Boo’s presence brought much-needed joy and comfort to Melissa’s life, it became clear that she had found her forever home. 

It was a perfect match — one that would provide both Boo and Melissa the companionship they needed. Ultimately, it was decided that Boo would become a cherished member of Melissa’s family.

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Let us take a moment to celebrate the extraordinary journey of Booey — a journey that has touched our hearts and inspired us all.

May Booey’s story serve as a reminder that, no matter the challenges we face, love and compassion have the power to transform lives and create miracles!

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If you’re particularly captivated by Booey’s indomitable spirit and irresistible charm, be sure to keep up with her on Instagram (@celiabooandfosterstoo)!

There, you’ll be treated to a delightful glimpse into Booey’s world — where each day is filled with love and the magic of second chances.


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