A man rescues an abandoned puppy and provides him with a loving forever home, enriching his life.

When a man stumbled upon an abandoned pitbull puppy, he felt an immediate calling to intervene and save the little dog’s life. The puppy was in a critical condition, with slim chances of survival. However, thanks to the man’s prompt actions, the puppy received the necessary care and began to recover under the shelter’s watchful eye.

As the time for adoption approached, the shelter staff was determined to find the perfect home for the little pup. They didn’t need to search far as they already knew one person who would be an ideal match: the puppy’s rescuer.

With great joy, the man eagerly expressed his interest in adopting the puppy. The heartwarming moment of their reunion was captured on video, ensuring it would touch the hearts of many.

Joey Wagner, a marine from Nova Scotia, came across an abandoned pit bull puppy in distressing conditions. The poor little dog was afflicted with mange, malnourished, and extremely timid. However, Joey didn’t hesitate to rescue the pup, immediately taking him to the veterinarian for necessary care.

Following a period of recuperation at the veterinary clinic, the puppy was transferred to a nearby animal shelter where he would receive ongoing care until he was strong enough to find a permanent home. The shelter staff bestowed upon him the name Mojo, symbolizing his fortunate turn in life. It was time for this affectionate puppy to embark on a journey towards a happy ending.

As Mojo became ready for adoption, shelter workers anticipated that puppies are usually quickly adopted. They were aware that Mojo wouldn’t remain at the shelter for long. However, when considering who would have the privilege of becoming Mojo’s adoptive parent, only one person instantly came to mind.

Staff wasted no time in contacting Joey, the selfless man who had initially rescued Mojo. Joey was filled with joy upon learning of the pup’s improved condition and immediately agreed to adopt him. When the long-awaited day of their reunion arrived, shelter workers eagerly gathered with their cameras, ready to capture the heartwarming moment on video.

The touching clip was later shared on YouTube by The Dodo and has garnered an impressive 1.3 million views from people around the world. The video showcases Mojo’s sheer delight upon seeing his dad again after weeks of separation. The adorable pup showers Joey’s face with affectionate licks, playfully nipping and even attempting to remove his dad’s hat!

It’s evident that Mojo remembers his rescuer. As the pair happily play together, shelter workers observe their immediate bond in awe, with one staff member exclaiming, “Wow… He plays with us, but not like that!”

The evident love for Mojo is shared among all the shelter workers. One staff member confesses, “It’s making me teary-eyed,” while observing the heartwarming interaction between Mojo and Joey. She adds, “It’s a bittersweet moment… we’ll definitely miss him.”

“Are you ready to go home?”

The time has come for Mojo to leave the shelter and embark on his journey to his forever home. The moment of taking an animal home from a shelter is undeniably special, and capturing it on camera adds to its significance. Witness the heartwarming moment in the sweet video below.

Mojo, now approximately eight years old, is living his best life alongside Joey. There are rumors that he is thoroughly spoiled, and it is certain that he will continue to enjoy a life filled with happiness and love, thanks to the man who rescued him all those years ago.

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