Zoo Employees Celebrate The Birth OF Eastern Bongo, Who Is A Critically Endangered Species

A Michigan zoo called Potter Park Zoo announced that an eastern bongo, which is a critically endangered species, was born on March 5, which left them very happy.

The zoo said that the mama bongo is healthy and so does the new baby, who has not been named yet. However, the bongo is already having some fun in its new home. The calf will be available to be seen for the public when the weather warms up.

In 2022, a baby bongo called Zahara was born at the same zoo, which means that the new calf is not the first one at the zoo. It is a very important thing to have a new bongo as this means that the zoo breeding efforts are great, said Adrianna Davidson, Potter Park zookeeper.

Bongos’ original home is Kenya, but they are critically endangered because of poaching and deforestation for their orange coat and ornate horns. However, the alive bongs in the wild are between 47-140. Watch the video below.

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