Worried Dog “Moos” Like A Cow & Brings Mom The “Sick Bowl” When She Felt Sick

Dogs are renowned for their intense empathy, and the Golden Retriever in this video is no exception. He can sense that his mom isn’t feeling her best and takes it upon himself to make her feel better! With a heart of gold, he lovingly rallies around his beloved owner until she’s all smiles again.

Source (Screenshot) credit: BViral – YouTube


With a knowledge of Mom’s past experiences, this clever pup recognizes the signs of his owner struggling with her illness. Instantly he darts to the kitchen and searches through various bowls until he picks out the ‘sick bowl’ that belongs to her. In haste, he carries it over in his teeth as if knowing what will help Mom feel better! What an extraordinary canine!

Source (Screenshot) credit: BViral – YouTube


The remarkable image of the devoted dog presenting a bowl to his ill human is heart-wrenching in itself, yet it’s his lonesome wail that truly portrays his devotion. His long and mournful moans sound more like a cow mooing as he anxiously anticipates helping out. Such genuine compassion emphasizes why dogs are man’s best friend! When Mom affectionately calls him her “little nurse” and expresses her gratitude, his sorrowful moos intensify as he implores for a speedy recovery.

Source (Screenshot) credit: BViral – YouTube


This pup’s expressions of selfless and unconditional love for Mom are so painfully clear – it is impossible to ignore. We should all be this fortunate to have a loyal four-legged friend in our corner when we’re struggling. Make sure that volume meter is ready, because the emotion here will tug at your heartstrings! 😍

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