Woman sees stray dog staring into storm drain and was taken aback when it was finally opened

A particular stray dog in Turkey became the talk of the town for his heartwarming gesture.

On one normal day, the dog started smelling something delicious. And just like what any dog would do, he traced the scent until he found himself in front of a butcher shop.

The dog was hungry.

Source: Youtube – Incredible Stories

Just staring at people buying large chunks of meat made him hungrier than he already was. Meanwhile, a young woman named Annie got out of the shop after buying some steak.

As she was walking home, she suddenly heard a “loud gurgle and a whimper.” When the woman turned around to check where the sound was coming from, she saw the sad-looking stray dog looking back at her.

Annie knew that the dog needed food.

Source: Youtube – Incredible Stories

The warm-hearted woman pitied the dog so she walked back to the butcher to ask for any bones or cut-offs to give to the dog. Eventually, she was able to buy some.

As soon as she got out, she looked for the dog and found him staring at her from afar. She then approached the dog and gave him the food she just bought. The poor animal was a bit hesitant at first, but when he realized that Annie only had good intentions, he gave in and got the food.

The dog looked so happy.

Source: Youtube – Incredible Stories

But instead of eating the food immediately, he started walking away with the food in his mouth. This confused Annie yet she decided that it was time to get back home.

On the very next day, Annie saw the same dog while walking down the street. The dog seemed to have recognized her as well and the dog came to approach her happily.

She had other things to do though.

Source: Youtube – Incredible Stories

But before she left, she bought some sausages for the stray dog. Consistently enough, the dog got the food and walked away again.

Unfortunately, Annie didn’t have the time to see what was going on despite her curiosity. So she walked away and went on with her day.

On the third day, they met again.

Source: Youtube – Incredible Stories

As if knowing that she would see the dog again, she brought some treats for him. And so when she finally saw him again, she excitedly handed him the food she had been carrying in her bag.

The dog acted the same way, but this time, Annie decided to follow him to see what he was doing with the food.

The dog walked toward a storm drain.

Source: Youtube – Incredible Stories

The dog sat down and looked down into the drain, dropping one of the treats inside. This confused Annie. For the next few days, she would see the dog staring at the same drain.

So finally, the young woman made the decision to see for herself and she was shocked by what she found.

A poor kitten was trapped inside.

Source: Youtube – Incredible Stories

She immediately called the fire department and two firemen were quick to rescue. The stray dog was protective at first, not allowing anyone to get near the drain. But with Annie’s assurance, the dog finally got out of the way.

The firemen were able to rescue the tiny kitten successfully. The people around the area were surprised to see the whole ordeal.

And then, there were more!

The firemen were able to rescue not one, but five kittens! Their theory is that the poor kittens fell into the drain due to heavy rain.

Thanks to the dog’s impressive gesture, the kittens were fed well. He has been sharing his food with them all this time.

Right at that moment, Annie decided to foster the kittens until they find their forever homes. As she was walking home, she turned around to the dog and said, “Come on, Benny! It’s time to go home.”

Annie adopted Benny the dog together with one of the kittens. As for the four remaining felines, she found them their forever homes. Everyone lives happily ever after.

Check out the video below to witness Benny’s kind gesture.

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