Woman Sees Strange Animal In Her Pool, She Knew It Wasn’t A Dog & Grabs The Camera

Swimming pools are usually reserved for humans and the occasional canine, but Brittney Benincasa from Freehold, New Jersey witnessed something different! Peering through her window one day to behold a strange creature merrily swimming in her pool – it was almost as if this unknown being belonged there. Who could have guessed that an unexpected visitor would grace such waters?

Source (Screenshot) credit: Britney Benincasa via YouTube


Benicasa soon figured out it wasn’t one of the neighbor’s dogs, so she seized her camera to get a closer look. What appeared next was unbelievable and absolutely precious! Animal aficionados everywhere will certainly appreciate such an enchanting view! The creature came back again and again as if they were enjoying the refreshing sensation of cool water during a hot summer day.

Click to watch the video below and this ‘unexpected’ guest!

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