Woman Searches For Her ‘Stolen’ Dog For 8-Yrs, Then Sees A Photo Online

On a remarkable Christmas Day, Julia Nemeth and her family experienced the miracle of reuniting with their stolen pup after 8 years! Junior the Pit Bull was taken from his Barberton home during an invasion when he was only a baby. But even though it had been so many years since she last saw him, Julis never surrendered her search for Junior – working tirelessly for eight long years to locate him once again.

Source (Screenshot) credit: WKYC Channel 3 – YouTube


For years, Julia searched tirelessly through missing dog pages and shelters photos in search of Junior. At one point she thought that she saw him being sold online but the seller never responded to her inquiries. Little did she know, however, that for two long years he had been with a Humane Society not too far away from home.

Junior had been brought to the shelter in 2018 and given an unfamiliar name of “Buddy”. Despite becoming a beloved individual by the staff, he acted quite distant with visitors which caused him to be returned three times by different adopters – this was very concerning for everyone involved. Luckily, Julia found “Buddy” on the website one day and quickly realized that it was her Junior!

Source (Screenshot) credit: WKYC Channel 3 – YouTube


Julia’s trip to the shelter was made easy by Junior’s distinct facial pattern and birthmarks confirming her initial suspicions. But when they reunited, it was a reaction of pure joy that sealed the deal for her; as memories from his puppy days slowly flooded back into his mind, he tenderly nuzzled Julia with love-filled licks and kisses!

Source (Screenshot) credit: WKYC Channel 3 – YouTube


Julia can scarcely believe that Junior is back in her life – it almost feels like an impossible dream come true. She’s even more astonished at how well the 9-year-old pup still remembers all his old commands from when he was a puppy! Much to Julia’s relief, Junior has effortlessly fit into their family and regained all of his joyous energy. It appears as though after years of searching for “his” humans, he finally found them! 🥰

Click the video below to watch this heartwarming reunion that will truly make your day!

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