Woman Looking To Adopt A New Dog, Finds Her Lost Dog Who Went Missing For Two Years

Asha Nieves logged onto the website of Lehigh County Humane Society in hopes to find the best dog for her 2 children after losing Kovu, her dog, in 2019. While checking the website, she was completely shocked after seeing a dog who looks like her missing dog.

After focusing in the dog’s photo, she became sure that it was hers. So, she started jumping out of joy! Humane Society picked Kovu up after a few weeks of going missing from Nieves’ yard in May 2019. He was in a very bad condition with missing hair and fleas.

A family adopted Kovu, but they returned him several months later. So, Nieves directly went to the shelter to get her dog back. Once Kovu saw her, he started wagging her tail and jumping.

He then ran towards her kissing her and hugging her! What an emotional reunion! Watch the video below.

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