Woman Gives Food To Stray Dog, Then He Leads Her To His Hungry Friends

There are countless of stray dogs in the world, and they all need food and water. However, there are also some good people who just can’t leave these dogs without helping them. And that’s what Carmen Morgan did when she found a stray puppy in desperate need of help.

The lady found a puppy at the entrance of her garage while arranging things, so, she decided to help it. The lady shared a video on her TikTok @carmen_morgan21 captioning it that she offered the puppy some food as it was obvious that it was exhausted.

She also shared that they directly became best friends after feeding it for many times. The dog, who she named Superman, always came back to get food and water.

But one day the pup did not come alone! He got some other dogs with him to get food just like he did! However, when the lady saw that, she directly fed all the dogs, that were 5 in total.

Many people commented on the video expressing how great the woman is. Many users called the woman a superhero for what she did, which is completely right. How great! Watch the video below.

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