Watch Dramatic Moment When Woman Decides to March into Frozen Lake to Rescue Stranger’s Dog

How good are you in a crisis? This woman didn’t stop to consider her own safety, but marched straight to the rescue—of a stranger’s dog.

Ben West was out for a snowy stroll in the park when disaster struck. Luckily, this good Samaritan was nearby.

According to several dramatic videos uploaded by West to Instagram, he had been taking his dog for a walk around Trout Lake in Eastern Vancouver when another dog wandered onto the frozen surface.

Suddenly, the meandering pup fell through the surface of the ice and into the lake.

As pedestrians panicked and tried to call the dog and coax him to crawl back out of the water, one woman simply started breaking the ice with her hands and making her way out to the struggling canine.

“People were kind-of cautioning her — ‘Don’t do it,’” West told the CBC. But all she said was, “It’s a dog, I have to.”


In full winter garb that became soaked and heavy, when she finally reached the animal, she was waiste-deep. She then pulled the pup back towards the shore through the watery path that she had just created.

Onlookers had already called paramedics to the scene where they were waiting with warm blankets.

West said he wasn’t able to get the woman’s name, but she was reportedly remarkably calm throughout the whole incident.


The dog, after being toweled off, was back to playing with the other pups at the park without any signs of injury or stress from the life-threatening accident.

“I was just in shock—and really amazed at this woman’s heroic instinct to go do this thing,” added West. “It wasn’t even her dog.”

(WATCH the nerve-wracking video below)


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