They Came In To Rescue A “Wolf”, But Soon Realized It Was “Not A Wolf” At All

Hope For Paws received a call about an animal that looked like a wounded wolf in Los Angeles. But when they arrived at the scene, they realized it was just a dog!

Source (Screenshot) credit: Hope For Paws – YouTube


The rescuers could tell that the poor creature was not a wolf based on her appearance and decided to rescue her, even though they were unsure of what she was.

The rescuers named her Julia and took her to the hospital immediately to treat her oozing and bleeding skin that was infected. Although they initially thought she was a wolf, Julia quickly proved herself to be incredibly gentle and loving towards every human. However, it soon became evident that Julia had been starving for months as she was quite emaciated. In addition, because of a bad case of mange, her paws were extremely sore and swollen.


Source (Screenshot) credit: Hope For Paws – YouTube


As the rescuers tended to Julia, they gave her a medicated bath. The grey dirt washed off and her dog-like coat was visible for the first time. They then trimmed her overgrown nails and began feeding her proper meals. After being steadily cared for months, Julia transformed into a healthy dog with gorgeous fur! On top of that, a DNA test revealed that she is actually a Husky – German Shepherd cross!


Source (Screenshot) credit: Hope For Paws – YouTube


Julia has found an amazing forever home, where she lives a beautiful life with her human and doggy siblings. It hasn’t always been easy for Julia, but she’s managed to put her life back together like a champ. We couldn’t be prouder of her!


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