Stray Pregnant Pit Bull Wept For Help But Couldn’t Trust People

A stray pregnant Pit Bull named Amina refused to be captured. Christina spent countless hours trying to coax the Pittie with all sorts of yummy food. Neighbors tried as well, but no one could catch the elusive dog.


At one point, Christina got close enough to Amina that she could see that she was crying. The pup knew she needed help but was unwilling to trust people. Christina asked the dog, “Can we go home now?” But Amina just laid down on the grass, defeated and exhausted, refusing to cooperate. It was getting cold outside, and Amina’s tummy was getting bigger. Her rescue was imperative!


Christina’s tenacity was nothing short of amazing. She spent day in and day out on the street, waiting to save the precious dog’s life. A kind real estate investor agreed to let Christina stay at his rental property. Christina worked on training Amina to go into his backyard. She set up a tent with a blanket and some food, but every time Christina tried to close her in, she took off before the gate closed.

Soon, the rescuer’s phone rang and she received the greatest news! To find out what happens with Amina, and her puppies, check out the video below. Christina, you are incredible!

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