Stray Dog Fell In Love With Couple Who Pet Him, He Didn’t Hesitate To Sneak Into Their Car

Generally, dogs are friendly no matter if they are pets or street dogs, they are all friendly. However, street dogs know how to survive even in the worst situations. This means that when they receive attention, care, and love, they become really charismatic.

One street dog fell in love with a couple from the moment he saw them! A user on TikTok called @karincilla shared a video of the dog stopping their car trying to talk to the couple from the car window. But that was not enough for the dog as he then jumped and entered the vehicle!

The couple started to laugh uncontrollably. The great thing was that the dog directly went to back seat as if he wanted to tell them that ‘I am going with you’. The video went viral getting thousands of views, likes and comments.

People commented that it was a great way to get adopted. However, it is not confirmed if the couple adopts the dog, but in such cases, we expect that. How awesome! Watch the video below.

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