Stranded dog Skye rescued by RNLI near Kyle of Lochalsh

The dog got stranded under a railway bridge and fears mounted it was going to get cut off by the tide.

A dog sparked a rescue effort involving Kyle of Lochalsh RNLI lifeboat on Saturday.

Stornoway Coastguard received reports of a dog in distress at around 4.45pm near the railway line at Erbusaig, near Kyle of Lochalsh.

Terrified collie Skye was stranded on a rock approximately 328ft from the shore with the tide rising around her.

The dog was trapped near the railway bridge north of Kyle of Lochalsh. Image: Google Maps

Kyle of Lochalsh RLNI boat Spirit of Fred Olsen was launched to the scene and arrived five minutes later.

Dog took ‘a bit of coaxing’ to be rescued

After “a bit of coaxing” by the crew, the terrified dog was taken onboard the lifeboat back to her relieved owners.

A spokesman for Kyle of Lochalsh RNLI said: “We’re glad Skye was unharmed from her ordeal and we are only too happy to help.

“Having a dog myself, I know exactly how people feel about their pets, and the last thing we want is for someone to enter the water to try and assist their pet, only to get into difficulty and end up as a casualty themselves.”

Rescued dog Skye was safe, but scared, after the rescue. Image: RNLI Kyle of Lochalsh.

The lifeboat was refuelled and made ready for another rescue mission before 6pm.


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