Sick And Exhausted Dog Found Collapsed , Struggling To Stand Back Up But Could not.

This story speaks about a poor dog, who had Demodex mange and been abandoned by her owner, who did not even think about taking her to the vet!

Unfortunately, her condition got worsened after being left on the streets! The dog wandered the streets looking for something to. However, every day passed her condition got even worse as secondary skin infections were established due to the mange.

Fortunately, the dog was found before it was too late, but she was completely exhausted! Avan North Animals received a call about the dog, and they went to rescue her, but she was able to flee. However, she was then seen by a couple, who called the rescue group for help.

The couple even told the group that they’d adopt the dog, who was named Nora, if she was saved. This time, they were able to save her and took her to the vet, who said that he had never seen a situation like her!

Thankfully, Nora was treated for her all problems to the point she became a brand-new dog! Of course it took a long time, but she is now unrecognizable! She is now having a great life with her new parents! What a happy ending!

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