Shelter Has Their Animals Pick Out Gifts From Under The Tree Before Christmas

Just a few days before Christmas a few years back, the Animal Rescue League of Iowa allowed the shelter animals to pick out some gifts to take back to their kennels a little early. The dogs and cats are just like little kids on Christmas morning, and it’s wonderful to see! 🙂

Source (Screenshot) credit: Animal Rescue League of Iowa – Facebook Video


“It’s not quite Christmas yet, but we let some of our adoptable cats and dogs pick out a toy from our Tree of Life to take back to their kennel a few days early- and they loved it!” they posted to Facebook. This exposure also helped the animals to find forever homes!

“Update: Jango, Snoop, Hemi, Boss, and Luanne have all been adopted!” they later added to the bottom of the post

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The best gift of all for a shelter animal would be a forever home. Visit Animal Rescue League of Iowa or a local shelter to see their available pets.

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