Shelter Dog Who Had Given Up Hope Is Rescued Only Moments Before Euthanasia

A dog called Bear was about to be euthanized after spending so long time in the shelter without getting adopted. The dog, who was rescued from the streets of Texas, was about losing the hope and giving up.

The eleven-year-old dog had been passed by for almost a year from the potential adopters. He just lost the hope and did not raise his head from his bed. It seemed like he was just waiting to die!

But fortunately, everything changed when he was on his way to be euthanized along with 27 other dogs as he showed his handler that he really loves life, and just wants to be outside of the kennel!

Madeline Garvis, a volunteer at the BARC Animal Shelter, said that once she saw Bear’s real personality, he became a favorite to her. Thankfully, she was able to find him a forever home just an hour before being euthanized! What a turnaround! Watch the video below.

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