She Escaped Miserable Life But The Man Held Her And Said To Wife “This Is My Puppy”

As the rain pelted down, a distressed woman stumbled upon an abandoned pit bull shivering by the railroad tracks. Its mud-caked fur was matted and its neck had been tightly bound with a choke collar as well as securely chained to keep it in place. When she cautiously began approaching him, he immediately darted away from her sight.


The woman continued to try and get close to the frightened dog that may have been neglected or abandoned. The dog was patently fearful of being starved from neglect, shaking from the cold, and have been waiting for a long time outside. The woman recounts finally getting a hold of her friends to help save the dog who had no signs of coming near her.


The woman who attempted to save the dog was relentless. The pup had become nearly hysterical, yet one experienced rescuer persevered for four hours until they were able to finally secure a leash around the animal. Things became chaotic and it seemed that there would be no exit from his plight; hence, she eventually accepted her fate and lay still in quiet resignation.



When the brave rescuer cautiously sat with her frightened pup, she worried that Pittie Cardi might become aggressive. Yet as soon as they saw how gentle and kind these women were towards them, it became clear to introduce trust between one another. To honor this miracle of faithfulness, a suitable name for such a resilient being was given -Pittie Cardi!


After Cardi was saved by the rescuers, she hesitantly allowed a caring man to embrace her. As he held her, it slowly dawned on Cardi that an amazing new life awaited her!



When Cardi had her first encounter with her foster parents, it was clear that the connection between them would be strong. That night, sensing Cardi’s fear and uncertainty, her foster dad chose to sleep on the floor beside her for a full six hours in order to provide comfort. The next morning he told his wife without hesitation: “This is my puppy.” His steadfast devotion spoke volumes of their enduring bond from then onward.

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