Sarcastic Dog Faces His Humans And Mocks Them By ‘Imitating’ How They Talk

Charlie the pup enjoys spending time with his two human siblings, yet he finds himself unimpressed by their “playdates,” as they consist almost entirely of conversation and no play. The energetic young girls never seem to pause for a breath in between topics, leaving Charlie utterly bored! 😂

Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: ViralMedia via YouTube Video


In this video, we witness an amusing scene where Charlie takes on his “chatty” sisters with humorous retaliation. The cheeky pup mimics their conversations by dramatically belting out a loud “blah-blah-blah” as if to mock them for gossiping! His open mouth and wild blahs are sure to leave you in fits of laughter!

Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: ViralMedia via YouTube Video


The sisters were a bit shocked as they found themselves mocked by their dog ‘brother’ mocking them. 😆 For the first time they understand what it’s like to be excluded from a conversation. They sympathize with Charlie and attempt to distract him, but he refuses to let go of his grievances. His angry diatribe only grows in intensity as he inundates his sisters with more unrelenting chatter!


Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: ViralMedia via YouTube Video


Watching Charlie bicker with his sisters is incredibly entertaining, and he knows just how to balance being both adorably cute and savagely hilarious! He loves nothing more than teasing his doting siblings for all the attention they give him.

Be sure not to miss out on this delightful heated conversation by turning your volume up high! Click the video below to watch this hilarious pooch…

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