Rescue dog won’t pull face away from shelter wall until pup changes everything

Rescue dog won’t pull face away from shelter wall until pup changes everything.

A greyhound mix named Angel was left traumatized by the treatment she received at an abusive pound. The animal rescue organization PAWS rescued her but it soon became clear that the abuse had taken its toll.

The poor dog was so scared that she wouldn’t turn around.

She just pushed her face up against the wall as if she wanted to get as far away from the cruel realities of the world as she could.

Angel would soon be visited by her own “angel” of sorts, and everything in her life would look a whole lot brighter.

Source: YouTube – Inside Edition

PAWS is a non-profit rescue organization located in Ireland.

Their staff and volunteers work tirelessly to rescue hundreds of animals from abusive situations every year. They provide temporary housing for the animals and look for permanent full-time homes for them.

Source: YouTube – Inside Edition

When the organization rescued Angel from an abusive situation, they brought her back to one of their facilities.

Angel would just push her face up against the wall, however, and refused to turn around.

“She just faced the wall in [the] office and refused to move for days,” officials told Inside Edition.

Source: Facebook – PAWS Animal Rescue Ireland

Angel wouldn’t even turn around when food was presented to her.

The staff would leave food near her and she would eat when no one else was around. Angel was scared of everyone.

The abuse she had suffered must have taught her that everything and everyone around her was a threat. It would take some doing, and the arrival of a familiar face, but Angel would learn to trust again.

Source: YouTube – Inside Edition

Something amazing would happen for Angel, however, something that would turn her whole world around.

PAWS rescued another dog from the same pound Angel was from.

They were hoping the familiar dog might improve Angel’s mood and that is exactly what happened.

Source: YouTube – Inside Edition

Staff at the shelter assumed the new rescue might be Angel’s brother. They named him Cliff and Angel’s personality changed as soon as he came around.

It took several months, but Angel eventually became a whole new dog.

“Her personality has completely changed, and she’s found her voice,” a spokesperson from Inside Edition shared.

Source: YouTube – Inside Edition

Angel looks for a forever home.

With Angel now a happy and healthy girl, the staff at PAWS began looking for a forever home for her.

After all the trauma that she has endured, the staff was hopeful that her future would be filled with love and family.

Source: Facebook – PAWS Animal Rescue Ireland

Angel was eventually adopted by a kind couple who had just lost two dogs.

Once they met Angel, they knew they wanted her to be part of their family. Now Angel has a forever home and all the love that she deserves.

Her journey to happiness was a difficult one, but she arrived safely.

Source: YouTube – Inside Edition

Inside Edition ran a story about Angel and posted it to their official YouTube channel. the video went viral and has been viewed over 12 million times.

Many viewers have felt compelled to leave a comment on the video as well.

“Why do we deserve dogs when people do this to them???” wrote one viewer.
“An amazing transformation, I hope this doggo gets lots of loves and kisses,” wrote another.

Learn more about Angel’s incredible story in the video below!

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Source: YouTube – Inside Edition/PAWS

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