Rescue Dog Surprises Staff With World’s Cutest Smile

Rescuers found Cheech, a dog, all alone in Texas’ streets, and directly took him to Waller City Animal Rescue Shelter. It seemed that the dog was being bullied, which let the rescuers seem that he would not let them get close to him.

But what happened then left the rescuers shocked as Cheech gave them a very big smile as if he wanted to thank them! The Waller City Animal Rescue Shelter’s founder, Leah Sipe, said that once Cheech arrived at the shelter, he was very friendly, and it was obvious that he would find a forever home easily.


And that’s exactly what happened as many people contacted the shelter in hopes they could adopt him after seeing his photos on Facebook.

Finally, Cheech was adopted by a woman, who has Dusty, another dog, and wanted a brother to him after losing her cat because of cancer! How great!

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