Poor Blind Dog Abandoned Near Roadside Is Not Expecting What Love Feels Like

Many dogs dream of nothing more than being loved endlessly by their owners. They show their happiness by wagging their tails and looking joyful whenever they see us. Unfortunately, some dogs are not kept safe and loved as they should be. Instead, they are abandoned and starving. This is the story of a blind puppy named Teasel, who was heartbreakingly left alone next to a busy road by her owners.

Sad Reality

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Teasel was found curled up and scared on the side of the road. Being blind, she was extremely vulnerable and could only hope that her family would come back for her. Her situation was desperate, and she needed someone to help her urgently.

Laura Myatt, who works at Sadie Dog Rescue, learned about Teasel after someone sent her a video and photos of the poor puppy. Laura quickly went to the spot where Teasel was left. She found Teasel hiding under a bush, looking very sad and scared. Laura felt very sorry for her and knew she had to help.

Bringing Comfort 

Image Source Credit via Laura Myatt via Rocky Kanaka

When Laura brought Teasel to the rescue center, the team there was ready to take care of her. They cleaned her up, picking ticks off her fur, and made a cozy spot for her to rest. At first, Teasel was too frightened to seek any cuddles or touches from the people around her.

Laura and the rescue team spent a lot of time with Teasel, giving her the kindness she hadn’t experienced before. Over time, Teasel started to feel safer. She began to recognize Laura’s voice and even started wagging her tail, which was a big step for her.

Medical Care 

Image Source Credit via Facebook

Teasel had to go to the vet for a check-up where they found she might be very sick with a tumor. This was sad news, but Laura and her team were determined to keep helping Teasel feel better. They also took her to an eye specialist to see if her sight could be fixed, but unfortunately, it couldn’t be. They learned that Teasel would need more treatment for her eye problem.

The best part of Teasel’s story is when she found a new home. A kind woman fell in love with Teasel and decided to adopt her. This woman promised to look after Teasel, especially as she recovered from her surgery.

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