Owner Dumped Pit Bull In ‘Filthy’ Canal, Dog Sits In Same Spot For Days

As Mindy and Danica drove past the sewage canal in Fresno, California, they were moved to suddenly stop when they saw a desperate Pit Bull. The distressed pup was hopelessly stuck within the depths of murky water while desperately attempting to stay afloat on its edge steep walls preventing any escape. It seemed that there was no way for her to climb out of her dire situation.

Desperate to rescue the Pit Bull, Mindy and Danica realized they were ill-equipped to do it alone, so they began reaching out for assistance from other adventurers.

Source (Screenshot) credit: The Dodo via Facebook Watch


As more dog-lovers gathered around the scene, they innovatively used their belts and leashes to create a sturdy rope. One of them bravely grabbed hold of the makeshift cable while the others held down its other end in solidarity. With one man descending down the rocky wall with ease, it was clear that this spontaneous plan had worked wonders!

Source (Screenshot) credit: The Dodo via Facebook Watch


As the Pit Bull glanced in terror, her expression transforming into one of relief as she nestled up to the man who descended from above. His kind words and actions worked their magic: despite her apprehension towards climbing, he patiently pushed her till they reached the top together where a mini-rescue team was eagerly awaiting!

Source (Screenshot) credit: The Dodo via Facebook Watch

Follow Bella’s incredible journey in the video below, from her daring rescue to her forever home. This courageous Pit Bull is now an affectionate and lovable pup who has finally found a place to call home- what a remarkable success!

We are filled with gratitude for the kind-hearted individuals who helped Bella out of her dire situation. To witness this incredible rescue story and to see Bella’s journey into a life full of love, click play on the video below!

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