Mom’s Filming The Baby Taking A Nap When A Nose Pokes Through Beside Him

There’s nothing quite like the bond between a child and their dog. When babies grow up with a pooch by their side, they have a friend and protector for life. Whether it be an adventure to the park or learning to crawl, the moments they share together are simply priceless.


Source/Image Screenshot Credit: The Dodo via YouTube Video


Just look at these two — the perfect park buddies! Because it’s always more fun with a friend by your side. Then when it’s time to go home, time to cuddle up together and lie down for a nap! 🙂


Source/Image Screenshot Credit: The Dodo via YouTube Video


Dogs are also amazing teachers. This helpful pooch is showing his human sibling how to crawl! It won’t be long until these two are running around and playing hide-and-seek together.



Simply put, dogs make amazing companions for kids, and kids make amazing companions for dogs. Watch this video compilation of kids growing up with their dog best friends and try not to smile. 🙂


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