Mom ‘Wondered’ What Her Rottweiler Was Up To, Grabs Her Camera As The Dog Chases Bunny

Adorable, social dogs will do anything to make a new pal—just look at the Rottweiler in this video! Upon spotting the cute bunny in his garden, he promptly set out on a mission to become fast friends. Get ready for some adorable antics as these two unlikely pals come together!

Source (Screenshot) credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


The excited pup was overjoyed to find a bunny around, and he instantly began chasing her in circles. Initially intimidated by the rambunctious dog, the little rabbit remained stationary as she observed his wild leaps all about her.

Before long, the bunny discovers that the silly pup just wants to have fun! She happily takes up his invitation and joins him in running around in circles. It’s heartwarming watching these two newfound friends joyfully enjoying their time together without a worry or care!

Source (Screenshot) credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


The pup and the bunny ran to a nearby tree trunk for an exciting game of peek-a-boo. The canine was bursting with joy as he managed to find the miniature rabbit each time they played! This is surely one of the cutest dog-bunny friendships we’ve laid eyes on; here’s hoping that these two have many more delightful playdates in their future!

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