Man Spends Hours Carving Jack-o’-Lantern Portrait Of His Beloved Dog For Halloween

One of the best holiday seasons is Halloween as people always try to make new, unique things in order to leave other fascinated or at least shocked. However, one of the best things in Halloween is pumpkin carvings.

This story is a great example of pumpkin carving ideas as Andy Amnoloff, an artist, finds his own way to use his art passion in the Halloween. The artist spent more than 10 years in creating pumpkin carvings for Halloween, and he has come with great ideas.

Andy creates different carving using pumpkin for every Halloween. He started his unique art in 2009 by carving Iron Man design. He entered many contests, and shared it on many websites for fun. But people really liked his art! So, he then decided to create a different decoration every year.

He created many great carving decorations such as The Joker and The Dark Knight. But Andy came up with a very great idea to do this Halloween, which was creating a carving for his own dog, Sophie! Actually, his art was so great! You can see how beautiful the pumpkin carving decoration of his dog is! Watch the video below.

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