Mad Malamute won’t look at mom after she makes him get a bath

As we all know… most of our 4-legged best friends, do not enjoy baths. Well, this story is about a Malamute who feels the same way. Meet Tonka, this is his story! 😂

Tonka the Malamute adores water; he just doesn’t enjoy baths. Simply ask his mother! He makes that clear every time he gets one. He got dirty in the pool today, so he required a bath to clean himself off. So, what did Mom have to do? The enraged Malamute may never forgive her, that’s for sure.


Image/Story Source Credit: Tonka the Malamute AKA WaterWolf via YouTube Video


Even though his mother tries to reason with him, he won’t acknowledge her.

“This is what I get when I bathe him. I get the cold shoulder,” she says. “And them mournful howls.”


Image/Story Source Credit: Tonka the Malamute AKA WaterWolf via YouTube Video


Well, we’re not going to spoil the story and give it all away. So, we HIGHLY recommend you watch the HILARIOUS video below of Tonka and be sure to watch it all the way until the end – enjoy!


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