Kindhearted Butcher Used To Leave Leftovers Outside His Shop To Feed Stray Dogs

Finding a homeless cat in a butcher shop is something very rare as stray cats generally bother butchers by trying to get some meat to eat. But people over the world were shocked after a butcher shop called the Yesim Meat Gallery in Manisa, Turkey, allows stray animals to have some treats instead of kicking them away.

You can see in the video below that went viral an orange cat jumped on a small lamb statue raising itself with her 2 hind legs trying to get her treat. The butcher directly gave the ginger-haired kitten that was very hungry its meat snacks. It is obvious that the cat is well known in this shop as they know its favorite snack.

Actually, the kitten is not the only animal that comes to take some treats as there are also some other animals who visit the shop, according to Ikram Korkmazer, the shop’s owner. The owner also added that all stray animals are welcomed to have their treats, and the animals know that exactly. How great! Watch the video below.

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