Innocent Dog Found Dumped With A Heartbreaking Note

Last November, a woman found a sad lone dog tied to a bench in a park while walking in it in Mexico City. So, she got closer and found a note next to him!

It was obvious that a kid wrote the note as the words and handwriting were not perfect. Seeing that, she knew that the kid was forced to leave the dog.

She became completely aware about that after reading the note that contained that the dog, Max (as written in the note), was abused by the relatives of the child, who decided to leave him on the bench in hopes that someone finds him and adopts him.

The kid also asked people to leave the note next to the dog, if they are not interested in helping the dog! It was obvious that the kid cared about Max.

The woman called the animal association Mascotas Coyoacan, that agreed to take the dog in. They named him Boston, and said that he is completely friendly with humans.

He is now at the shelter waiting for new owners who will give him the love and care he missed in his previous home. What do you think?!

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