Innocent Baby Gets Too Close To Dog And Dog Goes Straight For Her Face

Loving unconditionally- When Amanda and Don Swift welcomed their baby daughter, Harper, into this world they immediately knew she was going to be loved unconditionally by their family’s 8-year-old Chocolate Labrador, Savannah. The Atlanta couple had raised Savannah since she was 10 weeks old. They are confident in her loyalty to their daughter.


Image Source: Swift Family/YouTube


As Harper grew up, Savannah became very vigilant of the baby’s well-being and safety. The dog wanted her baby sister to grow up well, and would do everything in her power to look out for her.

Savannah softly tilts Harper’s head forward, so he is looking at her. As she speaks to the baby calmly, the family watches in amazement as Harper starts to crawl towards Savannah.


Image Source: Swift Family/YouTube


Savannah, who you can tell wants to be an adopted human daughter to the baby Harper, rewards Harper with a sweet kiss on the nose, causing Harper to break once again into quiet giggles. Savannah is genuinely enjoying her time taking care of Harper like she were one of her own.

Be sure to watch Savannah and Harper in this heartwarming video! Be sure to pas this onto a friend or family member:

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