Guy’s Giant Pack Of Rescue Animals Has Him Well-Trained

Dina and her husband, Eric, live in a home run by rescue animals. They have six dogs, four cats, and a pig named Lou. They also take in fosters. The animals aren’t their only children; they also have two (human) little girls. Their home is buzzing with a multitude of personalities and lots of pet hair, but Dina and Eric wouldn’t have it any other way.


Eric is the softy. The animals have him wrapped around their paws (and hooves). They pile into bed with him at night, stalk him around the house during the day, and vie for Dad’s attention while he’s in his hammock. Eric is incredibly attentive to Lou, who requires frequent baths and skin treatment.


Dina explains that their animals are an intricate part of their lives and give so much back to the family that cares for them. Lou is especially grateful, or we think she is. She’s the boisterous one; the Queen of the household. Dina says their girls don’t even realize Lou is a pig; she’s just part of the pack. To meet this amazing family and witness Eric’s devotion to his clan, click play on the video below!

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