Giant Dog Melts Hearst While Guarding Bus Stop To Make Sure His Little Girl Get On Safely

Some parents stay nervous when their kids have to go to school for the first time and stay worrying the whole day about their kids. However, this one family is lucky enough as they have a great dog to help them stay calm.

The mastiff dog, Gordon, lived with his family in Northville, Michigan. The dog has 2 human sisters who go to school every morning like any other kid. The dog loves waiting for the kids to get on the bus every morning.

Becky Lynn, Gordon’s owner took a video of the daily routine one day and posted it on her Facebook page. The video directly went viral and many people shared it on their media platforms. It is obvious that Becky and her husband have nothing to worry about their kids as their guard is always with them.

Many people commented on the video praising the great job of Gordon claiming that he is a real hero. How awesome! Watch the video below.

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