Funny Rottweiler Refuses Vegetables By Saying “No” And Says “Yes” To Cheese

A Rottweiler was introduced food in a plate to pick from. There were some pieces of bread, broccoli, slices of carrots, and a piece of cheese.

The dog was very cooperative with his owner, and was just waiting to be offered the food, despite being very hungry. He was offered a slice of cheese, and he directly swallowed it!


He was then offered broccoli, but said no by shaking his head. His mama also tried to give the broccoli to him again, but he also refused to take it. He was then offered a small slice of cheese, and he happily accepted it.

Furthermore, the mama tried to offer him a carrot’s slice to see if he would take, but he shook his head to say no for this slice of vegetables! It seemed like the dog just did not want to eat anything but cheese.

So, his mama also offered him a piece of cheese for the third time, and he surely took it into his mouth and tasted it. Actually, he really deserved the cheese as he’s shown discipline and patience. How adorable! Watch the video below.

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