Firefighters Rescue Bucket Full of Tiny Ducklings After They Fell Through the Holes of a Drainage Pipe


These ducklings were so tiny, they fell through the gaps in a street’s drain cover while waddling toward an English park.

Neil McIvor was cleaning up litter with his volunteer group in Stamford, Lincolnshire, when he raised the alarm.

“We saw these ducklings in trouble after hearing them ‘cheeping’,” recalls the 53-year-old who telephoned the fire department.

Firefighters were then able to pry open the heavy drain and scoop up the brood, before giving them a rinse in a metal bucket.

“The area is well known for ducks to hangout or wonder. They all live in the stream that runs opposite.”

Because there are many potholes that fill with water, the mother duck “sometimes takes her ducklings for a wash in the puddles.”


SWNS photos

“One must have fallen off the curb and into the drain,” Neil said.

“Once one goes, the rest follow.”


SWNS photos

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