Fire Station Service Dog Receives National ASPCA Award

This story speaks about a three-year-old Hound/Catahoula mix called Clementine who is a member of the Cedar Hill, Texas Fire Department. Actually, the dog was just like any other dog in shelters waiting to have a forever home.

She was in an animal shelter in Louisiana, US, in 2021 but was taken to Tri-City Animal Shelter when the city was struck by the Hurricane Ida. The dog was adopted 2 times from the shelter but she was returned then. While waiting to be adopted, a captain of the Cedar Hill, Texas Fire Department went to the shelter to adopt a dog to help them in their job, that’s when the captain Robert Moree saw the dog and decided to adopt her.

Clementine is always ready and available to comfort and help her peers, and she has helped the firemen cope with stressful 24-hour shifts and traumatic calls. She means everything to the firefighters as she is really doing a great job with them.

Captain Robert Moree said that Clementine deserves the dog of the year award of 2022 by the ASPCA Humane Awards as she really does not let anyone down from her companions and people who are in need.

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