Final Adventure of an Abandoned and Paralyzed Pooch

In a world where some individuals value their furry companions through thick and thin, there are also those who view pets solely as sources of amusement, discarding them heartlessly once their usefulness wanes. It is a difficult reality to comprehend, yet these callous individuals can be found worldwide.

Once upon a time, there lived a German Shepherd who believed he was part of a loving family. However, as the dog grew older and became paralyzed, his family abandoned him, treating him with the same disregard as they would trash.

Left alone in their former residence, the senior dog endured various health issues and a broken heart, while his family moved away without a second thought. Fortunately, Gianna Serena Manfredi and other compassionate volunteers from the Qua La Zampa Association discovered him near Bitonto, Bari, Italy, and bestowed upon him the name Heart.

Even with his spinal and ear issues, along with paralysis in his hind legs, Heart displayed unwavering strength and independence. He was a true fighter. Recognizing his need for love and care, Gianna, along with a group of compassionate women, formed “The Remote Mothers” and took turns providing for him.

Heart was grateful for the affection he received during his remaining days, but unfortunately, this period of happiness proved to be short-lived, as he could only spend one year with them.

As Heart’s final moments approached, Gianna made a heartfelt decision to accompany him on his ultimate journey to the ocean. The experience they shared was nothing short of extraordinary.

Gianna penned her encounter with the sea, portraying it as a stunning experience. She savored the sensation of the wind gently brushing against her ears and the rhythmic crashing of waves against the rocks. In the serene ambiance of the winter stillness, the sound of the sea bestowed a tranquil atmosphere.

Immersed in this moment, Gianna felt an overwhelming sense of relaxation, almost drifting off to sleep. In that precious instance, the pain of being abandoned by those who held little love for her, the physical discomfort she endured, and the longing to run freely with a playful puppy chasing after a stone all faded away.

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