Family Dog Melts 20M Hearts Hugging His Little Human After School

The video below is one of the cutest and sweetest videos ever, and since it was shared online it has melted more than 7 million people’s hearts.

The hero of this video is a Bernedoodle dog who is always waiting for his human brother to come back from school. You can see in the video below the little boy gets off the school bus while his dog watching him from the front yard.

The dog just waits for his human brother to cross the yard to welcome him. From the first sight, you think that the dog will run towards his brother, but he just walks. Instead of running, the dog stretches out his leg and stands on only 2 of them to give his brother a heartwarming hug.

It seemed that this is a daily routine as the dog knows exactly how to stretch his leg to give his brother hugs and kisses. Actually, everyone sees this video gets their hearts melted.

I have watched the video more that 10 times and I will surely watch it more. How awesome! Watch the video below.

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