Exhausted Pregnant Dog Collapsed In The Middle Of Street Begging For Help

Sadly, stray dogs’ life is full of misery, hunger, and desolation. This made them look ugly and aggressive, but the truth is that they just want to love and be loved.

For one stray dog, life was too hard as she had no idea how to give her babies, that are about be born, a good life!

Fortunately, a kind man found the dog and called Guardians of All Voiceless rescue center for help. They directly sent their rescuers to the scene to save the dog.

When they arrived, they were completely shocked by the dog’s look, as she was about to die!

So, they acted directly to save her and her puppies. They then took the pregnant dog to be medicated as she was breathing hard.

They also found that her temperature needed to be lowered as it was very high. Thankfully, they were able to give her all the medications she needed before giving birth.

After a few days, the dog gave birth to 7 pups, but only 5 of them survived.

They then took the mama dog and her 5 pups to a shelter to help them get dully recovered.

Thankfully, the mama dog started getting better to the point that she was able to walk by her own.

Her 5 pups were all adopted, but she does not find her forever home yet. Anyway, she is now in good hands with people who really care about her! What a transformation! Watch the video below.

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