Endangered Baby Monkey Melts Hearts With Snuggles During Bath Time

A new birth of an endangered species is certainly something to celebrate! The Philadelphia Zoo welcomed a baby François’ Langur, the first born at the facility. The little one was named Quý Báu, pronounced “Kwee Bow,” which in Vietnamese means “something precious.”




Her mom, Mei Mei, had a difficult time adjusting to motherhood. Staff had to intervene in order for Quý Báu to survive. The staff took the baby for a warm bath and a feeding. While in her bath, Quý Báu clung to the staff member for the cutest snuggle. The moment was caught on camera, and the image has touched millions.


Baby François’ Langurs are born orange and later turn black like their parents. It is not uncommon for mothers to reject their offspring. Thankfully, Mei Mei had a change of heart, and baby and mom were successfully reunited the same day. Mei Mei has been a wonderful mother since. Thanks to the zoo staff and a mama that wouldn’t give up, Baby Quý Báu is flourishing.

To see the heartwarming interaction and baby reunite with mama, click on the video below! Quý Báu’s bath time is too cute to miss, especially when she gives a snuggle!

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