Elizabeth Hurley, 58, Looks Perfect in New Bikini Pics While Some Eagle-Eyed Fans Spot a Curious Detail

58-year-old Elizabeth Hurley proves that there is no age limit for a woman to look perfect in a bikini. The gorgeous actress’s recent Instagram post has gone viral as she was showered with praise and compliments from all over the world. Meanwhile, some eagle-eyed fans claim to notice a curious detail in her pics.

© elizabethhurley1 / Instagram

In her latest Instagram post, the actress shared a couple of snaps from her day at the wellness retreat. In the photos, Hurley is seen chilling in the sauna, sporting her bright pink bikini from her personal beachwear line.

In the first snapshot, she reclines on her side, beaming at the camera. In the second picture, Hurley flaunts her legs as she strikes a pose while lounging on a wooden bench in the bikini.

© elizabethhurley1 / Instagram

The post became an instant hit, and fans were quick to shower her with love, praising her glow and youthful energy. One admirer gushed, “How is she still this beautiful?” while another wrote, “This woman refuses to age…”

As the photos were shared by the media, some people claimed that the photos could be “filtered.”

Among those commentators, a few fans believed they’d spotted some curious details in the photos. One person wrote, “Enlarge her photos… notice where pixels have been erased? I love how obvious these celebrity photos have been doctored,” while another said, “Photoshopped — look closely.”

© elizabethhurley1 / Instagram

And while those claims have received many upvotes by other online readers, we believe that Hurley looks naturally gorgeous, and her confidence along with her radiant smile make her such a positive influence for young girls and older women alike.

Another fabulous lady who made jaws drop as she posted her bikini pics is actress Sharon Stone.

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