Each night, the cat gazes contemplatively at a photograph of its previous owner, who is no longer present, before settling down to sleep.

A kitten, who was left heartbroken by the loss of their owner, had the most touching reaction upon seeing a photograph of them. Every night, their actions began to repeat, leaving their family devastated and grieving.

For a long time, there has been a discussion about the undeniable loyalty of dogs towards their humans. Even when they are neglected or mistreated, pets seem appreciative of the slightest bit of attention they receive and are willing to go to great lengths for their human companions.

However, it turns out that this devoted mindset is not limited to canines. In Thailand, there is a cat whose unwavering loyalty has captivated social media users, showcasing that feline companions can also display remarkable devotion.

Rong Servic, a Facebook user, shared a heartfelt account of the recent events taking place in his home, involving his beloved orange kitty. It appears that this man has recently experienced the loss of his wife, and both he and the poor cat are suffering as a result.

The family pet had grown accustomed to the Asian woman, his late wife, escorting him to bed every night before peacefully falling asleep in Morphues’ arms.

This sensitive behavior displayed by the cat is reminiscent of what mothers do with their offspring, so it’s no surprise that the cat misses their human companion.

For Rong, it is evident that the small animal fully understands the departure of his late wife, that he misses her, and that he is aware she will not return. This realization has led to an overwhelming and heartbreaking obsession that has touched not only his own heart but also the hearts of everyone who knows the story.

Rong, overwhelmed with shock and grief, witnessed the orange kitty’s nightly visits to the room where a portrait of its late owner hung.

Moved by this touching display of longing, Rong felt compelled to capture the cat’s moments of solace in front of the portrait. He shared these poignant photos on Facebook, accompanied by a comment expressing the cat’s deep affection for its mother.

Rong wrote, “My cat loves to look at his mother’s photographs; he spends many hours of the day in front of the photograph.” This heartfelt post aimed to convey the profound connection and emotional bond between the cat and its late owner.

The heartfelt comment on his wall expressed how the cat finds solace in looking at his mother’s photographs, spending hours in front of them. This touching behavior showcased the profound bond between the feline and his late mother.

The devastating loss of the feline’s mother due to a congenital condition affected not only the cat but also the man deeply. They both experienced the pain of her absence and sought comfort in each other’s presence.

In a heartwarming response, the user reassured the cat, referring to him as “son,” that he could continue to live his remaining lives with him. The user expressed hope that one day, the feline and his mother would reunite and be together for eternity.

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