Dying Man’s Condition Improves Significantly After Being Reunited With His Dog

Elderly people in general rely on their pets in their golden years to get comforted as they help them in their troubles, and help fight being lonely. One elderly man loves his dog more than anything as he has always been with him during his very bad moments.

James Wathen, the elderly man, was extremely ill in 2014, and he was at Baptist Health hospital in Corbin, Kentucky. Unfortunately, he was without Bubba, his Chihuahua who has one eye, while being in the hospital.

Unfortunately, Bubba and James did not eat anything for 6 weeks as a result. The nurses of James decided to do what they could to get James back with his dog as his illness affected his mental and physical state.

The nurses were able to set a reunion between James and Bubba, who was being cared by a foster family. The reunion took place at the hospital. When James saw Bubba, he started crying out of joy, and Bubba started to cuddle him. James was immediately affected after seeing Bubba.

James started sitting up and eating in a great way the next day! It was the great effect of reuniting with Bubba! So, the staff of the shelter and the hospital set regular visits for Bubba to see James. How great! Watch the video below.

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