Dog Who Spent 2,555 Days In Shelter Finds His Forever Home, Congrats, Flip

Flip, a 7-year-old dog, spent almost his whole life in shelters in Ohio. One shelter shared his story online in hopes that he would find a forever home.

The post went viral and many people commented on it expressing their sympathy with Flip. A woman called Jennifer Schorr saw the post and she was in need of a dog after losing her German Shepherd recently.

Jennifer said that once she saw Flip, she knew that she had to do something for him as her heart was melted. So, she directly called Lake Humane Society and asked them about the possibility of adopting him.

They told her that he spent more than 2,555 days in shelters after being rescued from abusing. So, she directly drove to the shelter for 3 hours to meet the dog.

Once they saw each other, they fell in love with each other! It was as if Flip stayed in shelters till Jennifer saw him. Thankfully, she signed the papers and adopted him! What a happy ending for Flip, who got the forever home he deserved.

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