Dog Who Has Never Lived Inside Was Afraid Of Doors. His Foster Brother Transforms Him

Willie, a street dog, was only ever exposed to the harsh elements and life outside. When he finally got rescued, his fears of enclosed spaces and timidity made it difficult for him to socialize or adjust easily. A woman decided to take him in as a foster and hoped that her black Pit Bull named Carlo would help Willie ease into indoor living and gain some confidence.

When Willie first arrived at his foster home, he was scared of everything indoors and outdoors. He had to be carried everywhere and DOMINATED EVERYTHING with his fear– especially doors. The only place he felt comfortable was outside, but being Carlo’s buddy meant more to him than anything else.

Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: The Dodo via YouTube Video

From the day they met, Willie idolized Carlo and wanted to make a good impression on his suave foster sibling. Unfortunately, Carlo was a by-the-book dog who didn’t understand Willie’s crazy antics from living on the streets. It took an entire month before Carlo would even entertain any of Willie’s friendly gestures!

Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: The Dodo via YouTube Video


With Carlo’s support, Willie slowly but surely began adapting to human life! He became familiar with cars, doors, stairs, belly rubs and playing with other dogs in the yard. Even though Willie was making progress, Carlo still wanted him to be a well-behaved pet like himself!

Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: The Dodo via YouTube Video


Watch the video to see Carlo’s crucial role in rehabilitating an extremely skittish Willie. Once known as a good boy, Willie gets adopted by a sweet family who live nearby. It looks like Willie got himself the best deal!


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