Dog Was Lost For 2 Years, She Couldn’t Recognize Her Owner Until She Sniffs Him

This story talks about a pooch called Pakita that was found abandoned and abused in the streets. She was welcomed at dog shelter El Arca Animal Partido de Mar Chiquita in Argentina.

The center’s volunteers greeted Pakita with open arms, especially Silvia Ferreyra. Pakita remained for two years at the animal shelter. Her owner was unknown as well as where she came from. Pakita was isolated and depressed.

Time was passed and there were no chances of adoption. Pakita was always snapped up by the younger pooches. There were best attempts to find a place for her by the volunteers at Arca Animal. Finally, they determined that they should raise interest in possible adoptive families, so they post a photo of her on Facebook. But this was very hard task because when they try to take a photo of her, she always turned away her head or stared at the ground. At last, they took a picture.

Silvia tells The Dodo that at once there was a message from a lady informing that the pooch was her son’s who had been seeking for her!”. As well as the woman said that, Ariel Naveira, her son, believed he would never sight her again.

When the son arrived the next day at the dog shelter the to see Pakita. However, she wasn’t sure who her owner was and hid behind one of the volunteer’s legs and sniffed around guardedly. Finally, she recognized a familiar smell and realized who Ariel is, you can see that.

It’s such a lovely instant! Pakita is so happy and jumps on Ariel starts giving him lots of kisses, barking and crying again. It’s so adorable that these two could met again! Watch the video below.

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