Dog Response Is Hilarious When Dad Tells Him That He Passed All Treats To The Cats

No one can doubt that talking animal videos are so funny, but the perfect one is “Ultimate Dog Tease”, that was shared on YouTube in 2011 gaining more than 200,000,000 views. I assure you that you will never get bored no matter how many times you watch this video.

The video shows a dog responding to dad, who asks him why he ate all the food! The dad tells the dog every step he has done from opening the refrigerator till eating all the food, which left the dog in a big shock trying to respond! But the dog responds in the cutest way ever!

It is one of most hilarious videos ever, especially when you see dog’s face’s expression when he hears his owner speaking about bacon (the maple kind)! How hilarious! Watch the video below.

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