Dog Loves New Puppy So Much, He Starts ‘Stealing’ Treats From The Pantry For Him

Ever since his Mom brought home the puppy, Russell, Milo the Great Dane has been ecstatic. Not only is he extremely loving and protective of Russell but also determined to give him a great time in their new home! In fact, nothing seems to make Milo more content than breaking the rules with his beloved puppy brother – party on! 😆

Source (Screenshot) credit: BViral – YouTube


Lately, Milo has been sneaking into the pantry in order to scavenge extra snacks for himself and Russell. Although he is fully aware that this behavior isn’t acceptable, he doesn’t seem to care anymore; while Mom is distracted by something else, Milo takes advantage of the opportunity and rummages through all available food with no remorse!

Source (Screenshot) credit: BViral – YouTube


In this cute video, Mom catches Milo as he is selecting his beloved unhealthy snack. His massive size makes him the perfect pantry scanner; with dazzling speed and efficiency he spots what he wants and hurriedly grabs it before bolting away to share with Russell. Even though she caught him in the act, his bold attitude leads him to ignore her disapproval.

Source (Screenshot) credit: BViral – YouTube


There’s no denying that Milo is stealing merely to impress his companion! As soon as Mom retrieves the snack, it becomes clear how ravenous Russell truly is. With the food removed from sight, he quickly scoots away and starts devouring what little remains in Milo’s bowl! Poor fella – we can’t help but speculate if these larcenies were a part of Russell’s master plan all along.

Click play on the video below to watch Milo fearlessly snatch up a snack in broad daylight – don’t forget to turn that volume up!

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