Devoted Dog Refuses To Leave The Side Of Paralyzed Cat After Both Being Abandoned

The staff of Seminole County Animal Services in Florida found a two-year-old Dachshund called Idgie abandoned at the bottom a driveway next to them with a disabled kitten.

The dog was protecting the 7-month-old cat, Ruth, who was not able to use her legs, and just dragged herself to move. The rescuers directly knew that Idgie is devoted to Ruth when they took them to the shelter.

She always tries to protect her, and even gives her the toys she gets. Fortunately, Jacqueline Borum was able to find a forever home for the cat and the dog, who directly gets upset if the cat is taken somewhere without her, together.

Borum, who runs Hollywood Houndz Boutique & Spa, and also helped fostering animals find forever homes, made sure that Ruth got a wheelchair to help to get around. Watch the video below.

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