Devastated Grandfather Cried After The Death of His puppy:

Losing pets is one of the most difficult things that any dog owner can have as they are family members. So, when a grandpa in Mexico lost Duke, his dog, he was completely devastated and could not hold his emotions.

A video shared on TikTok by his granddaughter, Katya Polanco, showed the old man playing with his puppy and having fun together, but the other part of the video shows the man crying real tears after he lost his dog due to death.


The video is very emotional with Vicente Fernández’s song “Un Millon de Primaveras”. It directly went viral getting more than 2.7 million likes and more than 13 million views.


Many people commented on the video trying to make the situation easier for the grandpa by telling his that he is watched by the dog in the paradise. How emotional! Watch the video below.

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